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The Acuhealth Pro 900 was developed in Australia and combines modern technology with the ancient art of acupuncture. It enables people to treat themselves at home or in their work place and often with a degree of success beyond their wildest expectations.
Developed for acupuncture point stimulation self treatment, The Acuhealth Pro 900 has been accepted by the professional community as an instrument affording great relief to many people suffering pain or discomfort.

The TENS Pro 900 was developed from the Acuhealth unit and offers the same features. This product, for use by professionals, was produced specifically for the USA market. The TENS Pro 900 has FDA approval for sale in the United States and is, of course, available for sale in all countries

Acuhealth’s Quality Management System for the Acuhealth Pro 900 and the TENS Pro 900 conforms to the requirements of:

Directive 93/42/EEC Annex V and ISO 13488:1996 Medical Devices Certification for the EU


ISO 13488:1996, ISO 13485 CMDCAS Medical Devices Certification for and Canada

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The main difference between the Acuhealth Pro 900 and the TENS Pro 900 is the system of return current (earthing facility) which enables the physician to use the TENS Pro unit on a patient without the necessity of personal contact. (This is achieved by the patient wearing a wrist strap which is attached to the unit.) This is a decided advantage for professional use. The basic operating method and treatment results obtained from the unit are essentially the same.

The principals of acupuncture are based on the stimulation of certain points throughout the body. These points are interconnected and are known as meridians. The organs and limbs along these meridians beneficially respond to stimulation, with a subsequent relief of pain and an improvement in the general sense of well-being.

The Acuhealth Pro 900 has, however, one primary attraction to those seeking help from this medically accepted method of pain relief.

It uses no needles - and for those of us who have an aversion to the insertion of needles into our bodies, The Acuhealth Pro 900 is the perfect answer.
Using the controlled power from an ordinary 9 volt battery, The Acuhealth Pro 900's ingenious design actually locates the points to be stimulated and the audiovisual signal informs you, the patient or physician, to press the treatment button located on the hand held unit.

There are no gels, needles, pads, electrical wires, plugs or fiddling around. You wont need a degree in physics or medicine, either to operate the unit or to feel the benefits after just a few 5 minute sessions.

Safe and easy to use, everyone can operate The Acuhealth Pro 900 after reading the easy to follow instructions.

Let our existing users give you their opinion
These testimonials are genuine extracts from our many satisfied customers and this represents only a few of the many hundreds of thank you letters we have received.

I have advised a number of my patients to buy one to bring their various points under control. I think it's a marvellous little machine and I would hate to do without it at any time.

Dr . A Birnie FRCS
Co Durham
(Consulting Orthopedic Surgeon)

I have used this instrument with great success and congratulate you on a fine product. Clinically I find it superior to elctro-acupuncture units I have bought in China. My associate doctors have expressed their satisfaction with it also. Many of my patients would be very interested in their purchase.

Dr. J L Martin

It certainly helps to relieve tension and Arthritic Pains.

Mrs. D. Lister
London E.18

I have received my Acuhealth 900 and I am delighted with it. Now I wish to purchase another one.

Dr. R K Bowler 

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